Stress Urinary Incontinence

Woman runningMillions of women suffer from stress urinary incontinence (SUI). This condition results in accidental loss of urine upon coughing, laughing, sneezing, or simply getting up from a chair. SUI is frustrating and embarrassing, causing some people to severely limit their activities and lifestyles.

Many treatment options for SUI are available. MonarcTM Subfascial Hammock is a simple procedure that corrects the conditions that cause SUI.

The Monarc Subfascial Hammock is a narrow strip of material surgically placed in your body to support the urethra. The hammock cradles your urethra and gives it a solid point to rest on and press against, to close more tightly.

Placement of the subfascial hammock is usually performed as outpatient procedure in less than an hour under local, regional, or general anesthesia, depending on what you and your doctor choose. Two tiny skin incisions are made near the inner thigh. The hammock is inserted through a small incision in the vagina and placed under the urethra, then secured in place under the skin.

Your doctor may insert a catheter through your urethra to drain urine from your bladder. This is usually removed before you leave the hospital. Your doctor may prescribe you antibiotics and pain relievers, although many women have little or no pain after the procedure. Your incisions will be small and should heal quickly. Your doctor will provide you with additional information on how to care for yourself and what to expect after surgery. Most women see results within a day or two after the procedure.

You don't need to live with SUI. Join other women who have received a MonarcTM Subfascial Hammock and once again enjoy an active lifestyle with your family and friends. For more information, click here.